July 23, 2007

Friday Night at the Fair

Went out to the Orange County Fair Friday night, and what fun we had! I've always loved the OC fair, it's not quite as big and crazy as the LA County fair. More of a small hometown feel to it.
Of course you have to eat while you are there, that's one of the best things about the fair, is all the amazing food you can find. We saw Fried Coke, Deep Fried Avocados, Cheesecake on a stick, Fried Oreos & Twinkies and Turkey legs that must have really come from an ostrich, they were huge!! We settled on footlong hotdogs, and ended up being too full for dessert.
We found our way over the the animal barns, love seeing the sheep and cows, walked through the exhibit halls and if Tucker would have had his way, we would have gone home with all new cookware.
The guys rode a few of the rides, I of course was to chicken, um I mean had to stay off to take pictures.
We had a great time though and hope to visit one more time before the fair closes.


Anonymous said...

Fried Coke? The footlong hotdog looks yummy.....but, fried coke? I want to see a photo of that!

Valerie said...

do i even want to know what fried Coke is? oy.
love the surfing photo - totally cute!