September 27, 2007

Finally a Grey Thursday

I've been waiting for tonight since forever it seems. I swore I would not watch Grey's Anatomy, and swore even more that I wouldn't like it. So with that thrown out the window, I have officially started the count down to 9:00.
I haven't been this excited about a season opener since the last season of FRIENDS. LOL
I'm still playing everything from last season in my head, trying to come up with my own ideas of what's going to happen.
Are Mer and Der really through??
How about the Cheif and Adelle??
What about the whole George/Callie/George/Izzy thing?
And is Lexi (Mer's sis) here for good??
Guess we'll have to wait another hour and 4 minutes to find out.

September 23, 2007

Bad Blogger Award

OK, I know I'm up for the Bad Blogger Award since it's been FOREVER since my last post, but I went from a week of vacation, to Creative Escape, to Memory Trends, all within 3 weeks. And dang I tired!! Funny how so many fun relaxing things can make you tired.

I still haven't posted pictures from our California Coast Vacation, but I still have plans to do that. I did post pics about Creative Escape, and that was totally awesome. Now I'm up to the trip to Vegas for Memory Trends.
Left for Memory Trends last Sunday night, and came home early (very early, as in 3 in the morning early) on Friday. So this weekend has been spent catching up on the boys, sleep, and e-mails. It's so hard to be gone from the family, but I love to hear how much I was missed. Such sweet guys!
I'm not a gambler, but I did play the slot machines with the $20 I had set aside for Vegas. Came back with $17 of that $20 so I'm a happy girl. You sure can play a long time on penny slots :)
I took ALOT of pics at Memory Trends, but I havn't even downloaded them yet. Maybe when I get caught up on life, I'll post pics of that too!
Thanks for hanging with me, and for all that have e-mailed and said they missed me, yep, I missed you all too!

September 12, 2007

Back from the Escape

I got home late Sunday night from the Squaw Peak Hilton in Phoenix, Arizona. Refreshed, relaxed and ready to scrap!! Can I just go on record as saying that Creative Escape was amazing!! I loved every minute of it!
The fun started at check-in on Thursday with a really cute pink Creative Escape tote bag, that had our "project portfolio and inspiration guide to Creative Escape". A 123 page book that has full instructions and photos of all the projects. Great idea book!
The Technique Boutique was our first stop to learn a few of the techniques we needed to know for classes. Lots of goodies handed out here! Then it was next door for the Trunk Show where all the teachers had samples of their work on display. What a talented group of women! Beautiful pieces of artwork, journals, an awesome chandelier that had photos hanging from it, the displays were beautiful! That had me so excited to start classes the next morning!
There was a short welcome Thursday evening where they posted these statistics for for putting together the class kits for Creative Escape:
50,000 kits
75,000 sheets of paper
25,000 yards of ribbon
81,000 buttons and brads
92,000 die cuts
23,000 flowers
12,000 signature buttons (event buttons)
16,000 playing cards
That is some work!!
I had 4 classes on Friday and 3 on Saturday I loved them all!!!!! On a personal note...Becky Higgins was in my class group. As so many of you know, I just love Becky Higgins and Rebecca Sower, so it was just so cool that Becky was in my classes. I never said anything to her since I know she was there to enjoy herself, and just be a "regular scrapper", but I just loved knowing she was in the room!! So silly huh! Maybe some of her creativity rubbed off on me. Ya right, from across the room. LOL
In Rhonna Farrer's class she taught her signature "21 Day Journal". I can't wait to start this.
Chris Randall's class was one of my fave's. Soldering!! Made the cutest photo charm. I think soldering is my new favorite hobby (well, besides scrapbooking!!)
Heidi Lynn Schreibers class was a fun 5 page layout class, with the layouts to be used in a calendar.
In Lesli Spaffords class, we made some really creative cards. So cute!
Traci Niehues taught us how to make a fun little file folder/mini album using K & Co. papers.
Jennifer Wagner's class was a darling chipboard mini album that fits into a chipboard purse. We did some stitching in this class. Loved this too!
Heidi Swapp taught us a fun technique for canvas. I've used her masks before, but never thought to use one on a canvas. She is such a sweet and down to earth girl. Dang why can't she be my next door neighbor!
All the classes were such a fun time. During the classes, the RAK girls would come around to each class hootin' and hollerin' giving out Randome Acts of Kindness.
I still can't believe all the "stuff" I brought home!!! Seriously!! I am so glad I took the advice to bring an extra suitcase. It was full to the top with all my class projects, give-aways and Sweet Dreams. Sweet Dreams were little goodies you could pick up at the info desk every night before going to your hotel room... like packs of papers or epoxy stickers.
All the added touches like the special Creative Escape hotel key, the pink popcorn and night mask left in our hotel room, the so so cute pink and green lanyards, the fun event buttons/pins etc.
Oh and the food! WOW!! So yummy! Saturday night was the best...we got to eat dessert first!
Saturday night after dinner Allison Tyler Jones was the keynote speaker. I wish I had a tape of her presentation. She is so motivational, so funny so real!
Overall, I think this was one of the best times I've had as a scrapbooker. So well planned, so well thought out. A truly amazing time. I can't wait for Creative Escape '08.

September 4, 2007

Off to Arizona

Heading out to Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow for Creative Escape.
This will be the first scrapbooking "event" in about 5 years that I will get to sit and enjoy, and not be working or teaching a class. So dang excited about this!!
I just can't wait. I have everything packed, you know, all the important stuff, like adhesive, paper trimmer, scissors. etc. Oh and clothes.
I know it's going to be a tad hot. Who am I kidding?? It's going to be hot as all heck!! I even threw in the bathing suit for the half-mile Lazy River for tubing, and the 130ft slide known as Slippery Rock Slide that are at the resort.

I'll check in on Sunday and have pictures of Creative Escape as well as more vacation pics.

September 3, 2007

Home Again

600 pictures later, we're back home from our vacation!
We had such a great time up and down the California coast. From Legoland in Carlsbad, to the Santa Barbara Zoo and beyond. We found some really FUN places that we had never been before, ate at some really nice restaurants, (ate outside in a sidewalk cafe or on a veranda at least 1 meal every day! sooo fun!) and even went to one scrapbook store! I'll tell you all the details, and share more pictures in another post, because now that I am back home, I have to start packing again to leave on Wednesday! I'll be in AZ for 5 days for Creative Escape, a scrapbooking retreat. So excited for this!
Hope you had a nice Labor Day, I'll be back next week!

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