September 23, 2007

Bad Blogger Award

OK, I know I'm up for the Bad Blogger Award since it's been FOREVER since my last post, but I went from a week of vacation, to Creative Escape, to Memory Trends, all within 3 weeks. And dang I tired!! Funny how so many fun relaxing things can make you tired.

I still haven't posted pictures from our California Coast Vacation, but I still have plans to do that. I did post pics about Creative Escape, and that was totally awesome. Now I'm up to the trip to Vegas for Memory Trends.
Left for Memory Trends last Sunday night, and came home early (very early, as in 3 in the morning early) on Friday. So this weekend has been spent catching up on the boys, sleep, and e-mails. It's so hard to be gone from the family, but I love to hear how much I was missed. Such sweet guys!
I'm not a gambler, but I did play the slot machines with the $20 I had set aside for Vegas. Came back with $17 of that $20 so I'm a happy girl. You sure can play a long time on penny slots :)
I took ALOT of pics at Memory Trends, but I havn't even downloaded them yet. Maybe when I get caught up on life, I'll post pics of that too!
Thanks for hanging with me, and for all that have e-mailed and said they missed me, yep, I missed you all too!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't funny how you always seem to need a vacation after your vacation!! I can't wait to see all of your pictures. Hopefully, this week you'll catch up on some rest.