September 4, 2007

Off to Arizona

Heading out to Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow for Creative Escape.
This will be the first scrapbooking "event" in about 5 years that I will get to sit and enjoy, and not be working or teaching a class. So dang excited about this!!
I just can't wait. I have everything packed, you know, all the important stuff, like adhesive, paper trimmer, scissors. etc. Oh and clothes.
I know it's going to be a tad hot. Who am I kidding?? It's going to be hot as all heck!! I even threw in the bathing suit for the half-mile Lazy River for tubing, and the 130ft slide known as Slippery Rock Slide that are at the resort.

I'll check in on Sunday and have pictures of Creative Escape as well as more vacation pics.

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