October 21, 2007

Halloween is Here!

Halloween has come to our house, and invited a cat. I put our decorations out a few weeks ago, you know, pumpkins on the porch and cute signs in the garden. Since then, "cat" has been sitting on the bench next to this jack-o-lantern. I don't really like cats. I'm more of a dog person.
Anyway, I think "cat" has found a new home.
(you don't think it's the water in the tiny bowl I put out for her do you? or maybe it's the apple jacks and random pieces of hot dogs I've left for her.)

October 20, 2007

Dolphins at Daybreak

No, I wasn't out at the beach early today. Dolphins at Daybreak is the book Tucker read and had to do a book report on. Instructions were sent home from his teacher. Pretty basic...Draw pictures of what the book was about. He thought it would be a great time to use mom's scrapbook supplies, and I of course agreed!! Monday he will be taking his book report back to school with a little bit of cardstock, stickles glitter (to make the ocean) and even some real sea shells added. His own little mini scrapbook about Dolphins at Daybreak.
I'm loving 2nd grade all over again.

October 13, 2007


It's 6:05 am on a Saturday morning. That's when you can tell your behind, when your'e up at 6:05 on a Saturday!!!
Love this time of the morning though. Boys are asleep, Clayton is already at work (wishing he was here) and raindrops are hitting the window. Peace and quiet.
Got a busy weekend ahead of me, but for now enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and raindrops.