December 2, 2007

I'm back!

So, I haven't been the best at updating this blog the past month or so, but I have gotten a lot of scrapbook pages done :) Once school started it seems like life has been so darn busy. Now the holidays are here, and I really am trying to slow down a bit. Here's a recap of what's been going on...

Tucker was the cutest Ninja you've ever seen for Halloween. Although, as he pointed out, Ninja's aren't supposed to be cute. We visited the neighbor's houses and then headed off to the park for their carnival. Had a great time there with our friends.

Celebrated an anniversary with the most wonderful man on earth. He still amazes me with his love, patience and understanding. I'm so blessed.

Spent Thanksgiving here at home. We had a fun day watching the parade and just being together.

Took Tucker to a Boy Scout meeting this week. (after they sent home a flyer from school) He really wants to be a Cub Scout. I'm still trying to find the right "pack" for him though. The one through his school only has 9 boys in it, and none of the boys are in 2nd grade. Since you do things as a "den" by grade, he would be the only one in a "den". All the den's make up "pack". So I think were doing the Boy Scout thing, I just need to figure out through what group.

I mentioned scrapbooking, and yes, I've gotten so many pages done recently. This makes me a happy camper. I love to look over at the pile on my table and see all those completed pages ready to go in their albums. Scrapbooking is the one thing besides my family, that I really try to make time for. I love to look at the photos as I am working on the pages, but I think my favorite part is that I am recording my family's stories and history. I'm so grateful I was introduced to this hobby over 20 years ago (yep 21 to be exact!)

Work is still work, but at least it's a part of soemthing I love. What better place for a scrapbooker to work than in a scrapbook store. I get to share my hobby with others, and I love my job for that.

We're off to a 1st birthday party today. I made something really cute for the birthday boy. I'll share pictures later...I have a ton of pictues to download, so that will have to wait.
Thanks for all your e-mails. I'm still here, just been busy, but I'll try to do better keeping this 'ol blog updated.
Have a wonderfuly day!!

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