December 13, 2007

Now it feels like Christmas!

Saturday night we made our way over to the "Portraits of the Prince of Peace" in Long Beach. Growing up in this little area of So CA, I think everyone I knew went to this walk thru Christmas story when we were kids. I'm keeping the tradition alive, and still going with my family. It's one of Tucker's favorite things to do at Christmas, and both of the older boys loved going when they were his age.
7 churches in Long Beach of different faith, all within walking distance, get together each year to tell the Christmas story with people and live animals. You can drive by, looking from your car, but there is nothing like making the trek on foot, and of course it never fails, I seriously think the weekend it is held every year has got to be the coldest in December!!
So we had a great time walking from church to churh and seeing the sheep and goats, watching Mary and Joseph being turned away due to No Room at the Inn, hearing the choirs sing christmas music and drinking the warm hot chocolate.
This has become such a tradition, that now it feels like it's Christmas!

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