December 23, 2007

Stocking # 2

This week was Tucker's 2nd grade class Christmas play. Lots of fun of course, but remember that old movie, "The Year Without a Santa Claus?" Well it really almost was the Year without a Santa Claus. You see, sometimes when older brothers are kinda busy (studying for a test) and little brothers have hundreds of questions about Santa, sometimes the older brother can say something that isn't quite right. Needless to say, Austin was studying for a test for school. Tucker, being the chatterbox he is, asked Austin an array of questions about Santa.
Long story short, Tucker's teacher came to Clayton at school (Clayton works there too!) and said "we have a problem, Tucker doesn't want to be Santa anymore".
WHAT??? The part in the play that he was so excited he was chosen for, the part he had learned the lines for. WHAT??? Nope
Apparently after the afore mentioned conversation with big brother about Santa, Tucker decided there really wasn't a Santa, and he was not going to be something that wasn't real.
So, the 2nd grade Christmas Pageant went off without a hitch after all. Took dozens of pictures. Mostly of my darling "Stocking #2". Yep, that was his part, Stocking #2. But, he really was the cutest Stocking # 2 you've ever seen.

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