January 28, 2008

Valentine Mini Book

Here's a peek at a few pages of the Valentine Mini Book I am teaching Tuesday night.
I love the glittery felt heart on the On the Wings of Love page, and the crown on the Adore bingo page is too cute! Mini books are so much fun to do, you can complete a whole album in a day!

January 27, 2008

Enjoying a day at home with the kids.
Working on a few layouts in between
helping with a book report on animals.
Enjoy your day too!

January 25, 2008

Here's a quick layout...it's still missing something, but I'm not sure what? Maybe a little journaling card about this day when we were putting down sod in our front yard. It was the summer of '06 and the hottest day of the year. 104 degrees and were digging and putting in a new yard.
Looking outside right now it's so cloudy, and another storm is supposed to be heading this way.
I love winter!

January 24, 2008

So funny!

Cosmo Cricket has another episode
of their CHA New Release saga on their website.
Check it out...


These are cracking me up!

remember I'm the not so computer savy one, so you have to cut and paste again. Sorry!

January 23, 2008

The Color of Rain

I hope you are all enjoying the weather this past week, and especially the surprises it brings!

January 20, 2008


I woke up a bit late today.
Maybe that was because I was out a bit late last night.
Got home at 3:02 AM.
But what a great time I had!
Last night was our monthly employee crop at work.
I love getting together with everyone
and cropping the night away.
I finished 16 layouts, so it was worth it.
We feasted on some wonderful food, and celebrated 2 birthdays with a yummy mango cake.
I can't wait 'till next month!

January 18, 2008

Just for Fun

Just a fun layout I did
with a picture of me from the 3rd. grade.
Seriously Mom, could my dress have been any shorter?
And, did you notice the pink purse? Most first day of school pictures (back then anyway) you would have been holding your metal lunchpail. No, not me. I've got a pink purse. Should I point out I also had a bracelet on each arm, and a pin on my dress? I guess I've always been a girly girl. Let's don't mention the hideous looking brown shoes though ok. I must not have learned accessorizing until 4th grade.
The "bling" on here is really clear rhinestones. Somehow after scanning they look blue, the red looking polka dot paper is really dark pink, and that little rub-on crown made me giggle out loud after I put it on my head.
Oh well, love how it looks in real life :)
Have a great weekend, I know I'm looking forward to mine.

January 17, 2008

You mean it's Thursday??

I had a fun day at work today!
Christy (christineplatt.typepad.com) (remember I don't know how to link) stopped by the store today and we had a great time chatting. I went to to Jr High and High School with her husband Dale, and long story short, we met via a blog on the internet, and she scrapbooks!
I also found time time to make 1 layout before work today!
Hubby is working tonight, so it's just me and the boys. As soon as the youngest is in bed, it's back to scrappping.

January 16, 2008

Check This Out!

For all my online scrapbooking buddies, check out the what Cosmo Cricket is up to for CHA:

(I don't know how to link, so you'll have to copy & paste, sorry!)

Love it!!

January 15, 2008

Star Wars Fan

I actually did this one at work for a sample page, but when the paper is all gone at the store, it's mine!
Oh, and for the record...
Yes, this is a Christmas picture, but technically it was 2 days after Christmas. That's when we celebrated with my inlaws. So no, I'm not some crazy Mom that has her son wear BRIGHT ORANGE on Christmas day :)

January 14, 2008


Sometimes I'll take 200+ photos.
And that's just in a day.
Sometimes there is 1 photo that makes it all worthwhile.
I love this photo of my hubby.
I can look at it over and over again.
I remember this day.
Walking out by the lake, so in love.

And then reality hits,
and I realize that I have this
and a zillion other photos
that I still haven't scrapbooked yet!!!

...and you thought this was going to be a mushy,
lovie dovie post about my hubby huh?

January 12, 2008

Layouts to Share

I love the layout of Tucker and his friend from across the street. I jump at the chance to use pink in a layout. It doesn't happen enough for a mom of 3 boys.

And then there's the one of me from Christmas 1969, that as I scanned it, I realized I wasn't really 3. Since this picture had to have been taken BEFORE Christmas, and my birthday is two days AFTER Christmas, technically I would have still been 2. Oh well, the layout is done and it's goin' in the scrapbook just like that.

I had a wonderful day with Tucker today. Everyone else was off doing their own things (work) so we had a fun mommy and son day. He didn't even mind that I drug him to a scrapbook store. Maybe it was the M&M's I let him buy at the scrapbook store?? I found 3 fun stamps, so I'll have to use them and show them off. OH and a few papers too. Only 12 if your reading this honey. 12 that are in the bag I brought in the house. I couldn't carry both bags at the same time :)
I spent tonight emailing back and forth with a new friend I met via a blog. Seems that I went to High School with her hubby, and we both scrapbook. (her, not her hubby LOL)
Hope you're all having a great weekend. Glad there's still 1 day left of it.

January 10, 2008


I'm happy today because...

i have a wonderful hubby

tomorrow is friday

my scrapbook studio is a mess, but that means i've been busy!

a new niece to love, Kiera Serenity

i bought some fun Valentine's Day stamps

yep, life is good.

January 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Serena, one of my faithful readers...
Grew Up: Same city I live in now, Lakewood,CA
Siblings: None – only child
Childhood Ambition: Horse Trainer and a Mommy
High School: yep, I went. Loved it! (lol, Lakewood High)
College: yep, went there too! (lol Long Beach City College)
S.O.: my wonderful hubby
Kids: 3 boys
Fave Food: Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon – yum!
Fave Drink: Cherry Coke (straight out of the can, not in a glass)
Fave Guilty Pleasure: peanuts, pumpkin ice cream, chips & guacamole. Ya, I know it’s more than 1.
Fave Place to Be: My Scrapbook room, Monterey, out in the country.
Fave TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Men in Trees (oh and an old goofy show that’s on the BBC called Are You Being Served.
Fave Color: Pink
Most Unfave thing: Drinking out of a plastic cup. HATE IT, it has to be glass or nothing.
Fave Quote: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams
Annoyed: People that take forever to order at McDonalds. Come on, has their menu really changed that much in 10 years. Broken taco shells at Taco Bell. Don’t even get me started on this one! People that come into the store where I work and ask for goofy things…like, “do you have umbrellas, do you sell postage stamps, do you carry wrapping paper, do you sell American flags (to which I replied, do you want stickers, or paper?) No, to hang outside my house” The sign outside of the store clearly says “Strictly Scrapbooking”. I wish they would take that literally! LOL
Hobby: Scrapbooking
Right/Left: Right Handed
Listening To: John Corbett, Garth, Fergie
Want: to paint the boys bathroom, a zoom lens, to take a photography class, a weekend with my hubby, to get my scrapbooks caught up, (ya right!) my kids to live happy and healthy lives, a tiny lap dog, to finish our backyard, new knobs for our kitchen cabinets.
Um that’s it for right now.
Miss: My Grandma, I miss her so much. I wish I could have just one more day to sit and talk with her.
Need: My haircut, to ride my bike everyday, to quit drinking so much soda, to have the oil changed in my car, to lose 10lbs., a vacation!
Remember: the days my boys were born. I had all 3 of my kids at different hospitals, and totally different types of labor. Loved every minute of it!
Worry: about my kids and hubby when we are apart.
Would Like to Meet: Ansel Adams. I would love to spend a day with him and have him tell me all he knew about photography, and how he took some of the most amazing photos in history.
Tag: anyone reading this! Let me know when you have your answers on your blog, and I’ll come visit!

January 6, 2008


I wish it would keep raining for a few more days, then I could buy these!!
They have got to be the cutest rain boots I've ever seen.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


I seriously can't believe it's 2008 already. Wow where does the time go.
We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
My Mom and Dad inlaw came down for a late christmas and we celebrated my birthday at Applebees...my fave!
Had a great New Years Eve, just the two of us.
I love this time of year.
New beginnings to look forward to and new resolutions to try and keep.
so for 2008...

i will remember how lucky i am
i will get my scrapbooks caught up (a girl can wish, right?)
i will drink less soda
i will ride my bike more
i will not hit the snooze button
i will take a photography class
i will spend more time with family and friends
i will write more letters by hand instead of just e-mails
These are just a few to start off with.
I hope 2008 is even better than 2007.