January 18, 2008

Just for Fun

Just a fun layout I did
with a picture of me from the 3rd. grade.
Seriously Mom, could my dress have been any shorter?
And, did you notice the pink purse? Most first day of school pictures (back then anyway) you would have been holding your metal lunchpail. No, not me. I've got a pink purse. Should I point out I also had a bracelet on each arm, and a pin on my dress? I guess I've always been a girly girl. Let's don't mention the hideous looking brown shoes though ok. I must not have learned accessorizing until 4th grade.
The "bling" on here is really clear rhinestones. Somehow after scanning they look blue, the red looking polka dot paper is really dark pink, and that little rub-on crown made me giggle out loud after I put it on my head.
Oh well, love how it looks in real life :)
Have a great weekend, I know I'm looking forward to mine.


christy p said...

VERY nice LO. Too bad we don't live MUCH closer! :)

Sabrina said...

This layout is so darn cute. I love coming to your blog for inspiration. thanks!