January 12, 2008

Layouts to Share

I love the layout of Tucker and his friend from across the street. I jump at the chance to use pink in a layout. It doesn't happen enough for a mom of 3 boys.

And then there's the one of me from Christmas 1969, that as I scanned it, I realized I wasn't really 3. Since this picture had to have been taken BEFORE Christmas, and my birthday is two days AFTER Christmas, technically I would have still been 2. Oh well, the layout is done and it's goin' in the scrapbook just like that.

I had a wonderful day with Tucker today. Everyone else was off doing their own things (work) so we had a fun mommy and son day. He didn't even mind that I drug him to a scrapbook store. Maybe it was the M&M's I let him buy at the scrapbook store?? I found 3 fun stamps, so I'll have to use them and show them off. OH and a few papers too. Only 12 if your reading this honey. 12 that are in the bag I brought in the house. I couldn't carry both bags at the same time :)
I spent tonight emailing back and forth with a new friend I met via a blog. Seems that I went to High School with her hubby, and we both scrapbook. (her, not her hubby LOL)
Hope you're all having a great weekend. Glad there's still 1 day left of it.

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christy p said...

Last night was SOOO much fun! I love your layouts...and I can hardly wait to meet you on Thursday and see your store.

I have NEVER been to that other store you were asking me about. I just may have to drive down there soon.....