February 23, 2008

Here's where I spent 2 hours this morning

Yep, I spent 2 hours at the Lakewood Sheriff Station this morning.
But before you start imagining stories of why Tucker and I were there (yes, he was with me too) let me tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

We were at the dedication of the new Lakewood Sheriff station. It's been undergoing extensive remodeling for the past few years, and today was the open house.
I took tons of pictures. I'll post more later, but right now everyone is waiting for me to go out to dinner.
Hope you're having a great weekend, although I bet none of you got to sit in a jail cell and in the back of a squad car.

February 21, 2008

The Evidence

So, back at Christmas, at the top of Tucker's (my 7 year old) Christmas list was a camera. I of course couldn't wait for Santa to oblige and deliver the much wanted camera. Tucker has had a great time taking pictures, almost as much as me. Those of you that know me, know I am rarely without my camera on my shoulder, so Tucker has rarely been seen without his camera in hand too.
Now fast forward to last night. Tucker had quite a few pictures he had taken on his memory card, and asked Daddy if he would please download them for him. I was standing nearby and couldn't wait to see what the next Ansel Adams had captured through his lens.
That's when THIS picture showed up. No, it's not a great picture. Heck, it's not even a good picture. What it is though is evidence of a quick trip on Saturday to a scrapbook store. Mind you that this was AFTER going to Scrapbook Expo. Ooops, did I forget to mention that we went to a scrapbook store too?? My hubby did find it amusing that we had forgotten to mention this little trip when we filled him in on what we did all day.
I guess in the future I need to be more careful where the camera goes.
I'm sure glad it didn't go with us to Nordstroms. I think I forgot to mention that too. LOL

February 17, 2008

the Weekend

I had a great time at the Expo yesterday. I ran into so many friends and customers from the store and had fun chatting with everyone.
I didn't really buy much. There wasn't a lot of new things, and what new I did see, I know we ordered at CHA and will be arriving at the store soon, so I think I only spent about $12.
Today was a different story...
A quick trip to Home Depot that lasted no more than 30 minutes, I somehow managed to spend over $200. Go figure. I bought a cart full of flowers (and have already have them planted!) and new knobs for our kitchen cabinets. With 28 cabinets and drawers in my kitchen, it was a small fortune, but they look so nice! I'm just waiting for hubby to come home and see my handy work for the day. I haven't scrapbooked at all this weekend, but there's always tonight!

February 16, 2008

Scrapbook Expo

I'm off to the Expo at the Orange County Fairgrounds today. I'm so excited to go because this will be the first time in over 5 years that I have gone to the Expo as a "shopper". Since I've been working at my LSS, (local scrapbook store) I've worked at all the shows either behind the register or doing make 'n takes. So, today is a day of shopping and enjoying being on the "other side of the counter".
I'll let you know what fun things I find!
Enjoy your day!

February 14, 2008

CHA Wednesday

Another great day at the show yesterday...just a little overwhelmed at the moment though :)
I seriously couldn't go to sleep last night because I kept thinking of all the funness (that's a word right?) I saw! I'm loving all the bright colors, the mix of old school, retro, and modern.
My FAVORITE at the show had to be this though...
(Here's what I wrote on the store's blog)
"Sassafrass Lass had to be one of our favorites! They came up with the NEW idea in paper...what used to be the bottom bar code strip on the paper now has a decorative edge, and can be cut off to use as an embellishment on your page, leaving your paper a 12x12 piece. OR, leave the decorative edge on, and cut about an inch off of the top of the paper, to have the decorative edge as the bottom of your paper, still leaving in at 12x12. We love this idea!!Here's a peek, we know you are going to love it too!"

I want this paper now!!!
Oh, and for Christy...the door photo from yesterday is actually the new Noteworthy Collection from Making Memories. Cute huh!
And for Jessylynn, yes, Prima was amazing!!
And for Marshea, yes, we did order 3 ring binder albums for the store!! Yeah!

February 12, 2008

Some of My Faves from CHA today...

Noteworthy by Making Memories
everything in the October Afternoon booth
Scenic Route
Teresa Collins

remember you can click on the pictures to see them up close.
I'll update more tomorrow with more of my faves!

CHA finds

When I got home from CHA last night, I told my hubby he needed to hide the checkbook. At least until after summer. There were so many new and fun things at the show, I seriously can't wait!
I loved the new Hambly, of course. They have new cardstock stickers that are so cute, and cool new overlays that are begging to be used in mini albums.
Journaling Tickets from Tim Holtz that come in a spiral bound book, ready to be torn out and added to a layout.
Basic Grey has 5 new lines...Sultry, Sugared, Archaic, Boxer and Cupcake. I want them all!
Loving Elsie's new line for KI.
Acrylic in shapes, printed in patterns and different thicknesses.
A must have corner rounder that will work with chipboard and acrylic!
And flocking from KI Memories in 12 sweet colors. I'll be buying all 12 thank you very much!
I'll be back at the show again today, but wishing I could stay home and scrapbook tomorrow with all the inspiration I've got going on right now.

February 11, 2008


I'm off to the CHA Trade Show today. I can't wait to see all the FUN new things. I've heard there are some really NEW ideas in scrapbooking. I'm taking my camera, so I'll be sure to take some pics to share with you!
I'll report back tonight!

February 6, 2008

New Reading Material

I got this in the mail yesterday.
I couldn't find it anywhere, so I ordered it online.
It's a little saucy, but that makes for good scrapbook pages right?
here's a snippet from the books introduction:
"Look at life a little differently. Go beyond the birthday parties and die cuts..dig deep, keep it real and have fun.
I think I'm going to love it!

February 3, 2008

Questions and Answers

It's time for a little Q & A for emails and posts I've received lately:

What kind of camera do you use?
I shoot with a Digital Rebel XTI, and love it!! I'm still learning, but I'm having a great time doing so. I spent yesterday at the park with my youngest son just snapping photo after photo, adjusting the aperture and settings to see what I can come up with. Someday I would love to have my own photography business, so I practice all I can!

How often do you scrapbook?
Well Vicki, almost everyday. I don't always finish a project everyday, but almost always pick up a piece of paper and start something new, or add to something from the day before.

How do you store your paper?
I switched to "vertical" storage about 2 years ago and it works for me. I use the paper keepers by Karen Foster Design. They hold 500 sheets of 12 x 12 paper. I like that I can look through my paper with out having to go through a stack. There are other companies that make vertical paper storage too, but I like KF's the best.

How was your class?
Thanks for asking Christy, I had a great time!! I love teaching, and helping people become addicted to this hobby as much as I am! LOL

and for Iris at Coldwell Banker... yes, we really do get along that well. My co-workers have become like family. We work when there is work to be done, but have a great time doing it! I'm glad you enjoyed the store, and hope you stop by again. I tried to email you personally, but keep getting an "out of the office" message back.
Thanks for visiting my blog too!

OK, so there are a few questions answered. I hope you are all having a great weekend.

February 1, 2008

The way to a 7 year olds heart...
Star Wars tattoos.
He couldn't have been happier.
Hope you had a happy day too!