February 14, 2008

CHA Wednesday

Another great day at the show yesterday...just a little overwhelmed at the moment though :)
I seriously couldn't go to sleep last night because I kept thinking of all the funness (that's a word right?) I saw! I'm loving all the bright colors, the mix of old school, retro, and modern.
My FAVORITE at the show had to be this though...
(Here's what I wrote on the store's blog)
"Sassafrass Lass had to be one of our favorites! They came up with the NEW idea in paper...what used to be the bottom bar code strip on the paper now has a decorative edge, and can be cut off to use as an embellishment on your page, leaving your paper a 12x12 piece. OR, leave the decorative edge on, and cut about an inch off of the top of the paper, to have the decorative edge as the bottom of your paper, still leaving in at 12x12. We love this idea!!Here's a peek, we know you are going to love it too!"

I want this paper now!!!
Oh, and for Christy...the door photo from yesterday is actually the new Noteworthy Collection from Making Memories. Cute huh!
And for Jessylynn, yes, Prima was amazing!!
And for Marshea, yes, we did order 3 ring binder albums for the store!! Yeah!

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christy p said...

Which binders? What am I missing? lol