February 23, 2008

Here's where I spent 2 hours this morning

Yep, I spent 2 hours at the Lakewood Sheriff Station this morning.
But before you start imagining stories of why Tucker and I were there (yes, he was with me too) let me tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

We were at the dedication of the new Lakewood Sheriff station. It's been undergoing extensive remodeling for the past few years, and today was the open house.
I took tons of pictures. I'll post more later, but right now everyone is waiting for me to go out to dinner.
Hope you're having a great weekend, although I bet none of you got to sit in a jail cell and in the back of a squad car.


christy p said...

OHHHHH very nice! I am looking forward to the photos!

Anonymous said...

that is so funny.I was really wondering what you had done to land up in jail.
I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Saulo said...

Maryann, I bet you were in the back of the squad car the whole time. Be honest now... what did you really do? LOL, can't wait for the pictures...