February 17, 2008

the Weekend

I had a great time at the Expo yesterday. I ran into so many friends and customers from the store and had fun chatting with everyone.
I didn't really buy much. There wasn't a lot of new things, and what new I did see, I know we ordered at CHA and will be arriving at the store soon, so I think I only spent about $12.
Today was a different story...
A quick trip to Home Depot that lasted no more than 30 minutes, I somehow managed to spend over $200. Go figure. I bought a cart full of flowers (and have already have them planted!) and new knobs for our kitchen cabinets. With 28 cabinets and drawers in my kitchen, it was a small fortune, but they look so nice! I'm just waiting for hubby to come home and see my handy work for the day. I haven't scrapbooked at all this weekend, but there's always tonight!

1 comment:

christy p said...

I love planting flowers...what kind did you buy? As for kitchen knobs, we don't have any....but I really think it would look great if we did. I have such a hard time deciding!

I may be in Lakewood on Thursday...if I am I will try and stop by!!