March 3, 2008

Bad Blogger Award

I know I'm up for the Bad Blogger Award since I haven't posted anything in over a week, but oh what a week it was!
As you know last Saturday was the trip to the Sheriff's Station. (I'll post pictures tomorrow I promise)
And from there, the week seemed to go down hill. Saturday night we found ourselves buying a new dishwasher since the old one quit working that afternoon. Had a new one delivered Sunday afternoon, and all was great.
Monday evening the TV in our family room made a loud POP and the screen went blank, so we spent Tuesday and Wednesday evenings looking for a new TV.
Thursday was uneventful.
Friday night during the night Tucker woke up crying that his leg was hurting. We got him up, walked him around figuring it was a charlie horse, or muscle spasm. He finally fell asleep for a few hours.
Saturday we were in the ER with Tucker. He was having horrible pains in both legs, right behind his knees. He couldn't walk, or even stand up. After x-rays, some tylenol with codeine and sitting there for over 4 hours, they gave us a whole list of things "it could be", but no real reason for what was happening. We have to follow up with his pediatrician this week for some testing.
Sunday we spent the day at home so Tucker could rest. He and I scrapbooked the afternoon away. He was so excited about the Christmas layout he made since he took the pictures with his own camera, printed them and made the layout with out any help. He loves to dig through my scrap paper for his creations. I don't think it will be in the pages of Creating Keepsakes, but I love it!
So that was my week.
It's finally Monday morning and things already seem to be going better!


christy p said...

Oh I sure hope Tucker feels better soon. That has to be so frustrating that they don't know what caused it! Glad you got some craft time in!

Valerie said...

poor Tucker. how's he feeling today?