March 22, 2008

Finally Back to the Weekend

Here it is THIS weekend, and I'm finally getting back to LAST weekend. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, I was afraid to have my camera in the cold for too long, but here are a few to share. The first picture is right before we left. Bright, chilly and a bit cloudy, but a beautiful day. From there you can see the drastic change in the weather. My mom and dad inlaw live about 40 miles from Sequoia National Park, so we were quite surprised to arrive in a major snow storm. The temperature on the car said 20 degrees! We were the only people there, and only saw about 10 cars once we got on the mountain roads. We had a great time skiing, playing in the snow, and enjoying the peace and quiet. I'm glad we decided not to camp, spending the day was just perfect!

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Karen Richardson said...

I read your blog everday and I love to read your stories and see the photos you have taken. Your photos look like they were taken here. It is going to be 32 degrees and we still have plenty of snow.
Karen Richardson in Fond du Lac, WI