March 25, 2008

Great Night

Went to dinner with friends last night at Bubba Gumps in Long Beach. We had a great time enjoying the night out with them, doing a lot of talking, laughing, answering Forrest Gump trivia with the waitress, and of course a wonderful meal. So much of a wonderful meal that we all decided we needed to walk off our dinner. The weather was perfect for a stroll along the waterfront. I sometimes forget how lucky we are living here in good 'ol So CA. The high in Chicago was 38 degrees yesterday, yet we were walking along the water at 8 o'clock at night, without a jacket. Pure bliss.
I tried taking a few pictures of the Queen Mary, but don't have the settings quite figured out yet for bright lighting in the distance. The pictures will still go on a scrapbook layout though as a reminder of good times with good friends. Thanks Roger and Rebecca for a night to remember!

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