March 14, 2008

Weekend Getaway

We're headed up to my inlaws for the weekend, and supposed to be camping in Sequoia National Park. But, after a phone call from Dad-in-law yesterday, we might just be hanging out at their house, and not camping since a storm is coming in that might bring SNOW to Sequoia. Either way, I know we'll have a great time! I love being up there, out in the country, away from it all. They live on the side of a hill, with only 1 neighbor for as far as you can see. This is a picture I took last winter looking out their dining room window. Down in the left corner you can just barely see the boat dock for the lake. What a view. Mountains and a lake.
I'll be back Monday, well rested and I'm sure with stories to tell.
Have a great weekend!


christy p said...

Wow. That picture is gorgeous. I know you will have a blast! I can hardly wait to hear the stories...

CandiMandi said...

wow what a site! Just beautiful.