May 13, 2008

It was Mother's Day...

Sunday was Mother's Day and I had a wonderful day! Well, all except for when the door bell rang at 7:45am and I had to get out of bed. I tried to ignore the ringing, but Tucker was insistant that I answer it. I grumbled all the way to the door to find a delivery man holding these beautiful orchids. I have such a wonderful hubby! He had to teach a class early Sunday morning, and wanted to be sure they were delivered before he was home. (notice the little red bird sitting in the left corner of the basket? When I called to tell him thank you, his first question was "did you see the bird?") I've always loved birds, and I was so happy to see that little bird sitting there! Sometimes it's the little things that make such a big impression. I'm sure the orchids will live quite awhile, but I'll probably keep that little bird 'till I'm 90.

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