June 25, 2008

Last Week... and this week.

Tuesday - I had 8 people in my Beginning Scrapbooking class. I love teaching, especially when you get to introduce them to this great hobby.

Wednesday - Tucker's last day of 2nd grade. After we picked him up at school we took him to see Kung Fu Panda. He loved it!

Friday - Didn't feel too great when I got up, and by Friday night was at the hospital. To make a long story short, I ended up being too dehydrated due to an intestional virus and had to have an IV.

Saturday - Rested, and was glad I didn't have to stay overnight in the hospital.

Sunday - Felt pretty good!

Monday - Austin left for Hawaii with his 3 buddies (that he's known since elementary school) as his graduation present. He was so excited! I felt worse than I did on Friday. Went to work for a short time, but just couldn't do it. Hubby called the Dr as soon as I got home. Dr's adivce "only banana's, applesauce, dry toast and water for the next 48 hours." Hubby went to the grocery store to get bananas, and came home with 6 lbs. of applesauce, 2 loaves of sourdough bread, and 14 bananas. I know he was really worried about me, but just how much can you eat in 48 hours. Gotta love him!

Tuesday - Stayed home from work to rest and make sure this virus is over with! Tucker had his first T-Ball game, that I missed, but daddy got some great photos.

Wednesday (today) It's 4:42am, and I can't sleep. I think I've reached my quota for sleeping while being sick the last 5 days. Andrew's 21st birthday is today. I still can't believe I have a 21 year old!
AND, I'm sick of bananas, applesauce and dry toast.

Friday - We go to the Dr for a check up, and a 3-D ultrasound to see if it's going to be a boy or a girl. I'll update you then!

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christy p said...

I am so sorry you have been under the weather. Sounds like Studly Hubby has been taking GOOOOD care of you!!!

I can't believe you have a 21 year old either!!! I look at Stephie, my 17 year old and am shocked I am old enough to have a child that age. It seems like yesterday I was 17 and a senior!

I can hardly wait to hear what you are having. You had better blog ASAP. I wanna know! :)