June 27, 2008

New Shoes

This is what SHE will be wearing as HER first pair of shoes. These are so cute, I can't stand it! Pink glitter!

This morning was the long awaited doctor's appointment. The doctor confirmed what he thought 3 weeks ago, that it is for sure a girl. I thought Clayton was going to hug the doctor.
We made a quick trip to Babies R Us tonight, which is when I found the pink glitter shoes. I'll say it's because of the pregnancy hormones, but I started crying as soon as I saw them. Then I saw a pair of white patten leather size 0, with rhinestone buckles. I had to put them in the cart too.

When we got home from our trip to Babies R Us, and I pulled her beautiful new shoes out of the shopping bag, I noticed that the security tag wasn't taken off of 1 pair. I guess that means another trip back tomorrow to have the tag removed. But I don't mind at all.


Martha said...

Congratulations Maryann! I am sooo happy for you! You will LOVE having a girl!

christy p said...

I am so excited for YOU!!! I know your daughter is going to be spoiled rotten, and rightly so! Any names picked out???