July 22, 2008

100 Random Things

1. I love to stay up late
2. hate to get up early
3. I live in the same city I was born and raised in
4. I Love Coke, but from the can, no glass, no ice please
5. my favorite color is pink
6. followed closely by the color green
7. I had pink shag carpet in my room as a kid
8. I am an only child
9. and an only grandchild
10. I was in High School before I realized I was spoiled
11. I have 3 boys, that make me very proud
12. my favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast
13. I love to decorate my home for the holidays, inside & out
14. even for valentines day, back to school etc.
15. I could eat Taco Bell everyday
16. (I probably would if they would start serving Coke instead of Pepsi)
17. I love peanuts, they are my favorite snack
18. I have 2 silly dogs, Zoey and Zeke
19. I love bracelets
20. I hate wearing closed toe shoes
21. I am barefooted most of the time
22. I can't see in the dark (seriously blind!)
23. I still can't believe I'll be having a baby in November
24. and that it's a girl!
25. I miss my grandma everyday
26. my favorite dessert is bread pudding, but without raisins
27. I still smile every time my husband walks in the room
28. I love rodeos
29. I want to have my own photography business someday
30. and I know I will
31. I collect Chocolate Bunnies (not real ones, ceramic)
32. I always wanted a large family
33. I love black jelly beans
34. I never eat a potato chip whole, I always break it in half
35. I would rather drive than fly
36. my favorite sport is baseball
37. my favorite perfume, Pink Sugar
38. I love to take pictures
39. I've taken over 4,000 just this year
40. no, I don't scrapbook them all
41. scrapbooking is my favorite hobby
42. it has been for 22 years
43. I love the sound of the rain
44. and wind chimes
45. I don't like scary movies
46. I love to shop at Target
47. I don't like shopping at Wal-Mart
48. I like my toenails painted pink
49. I carry chap stick in my pocket
50. I still eat Cap'n Crunch for breakfast
51. I don't like iced tea - at all
52. I love getting mail, so much better than email
53. I love when back to school supplies come out
54. I have way to much patterned paper
55. but still buy more and more!
56. my favorite sound is my hubby playing the guitar and singing
57. I love to ride on his motorcycle with him
58. there's nothing better than a fire in the fireplace in the middle of winter
59. I don't like hot weather
60. I would rather take a bath than a shower
61. green onion dip - yummy!
62. I listen to country music...I used to hate it!
63. I couldn't ask for a better Mother-in-Law, and Father-in-Law
64. my scrapbook room is my favorite room in the house
65. I love to wear cowboy boots
66. I don't really like spaghetti sauce, or pizza sauce
67. I like pizza with alfredo sauce better
68. I can't wait to rock a baby to sleep again
69. my hubby is from Central CA, and moved here to be with me
70. we still don't know where we are going for our summer vacation
71. Chinese Chicken salad at Souplantation is my fave salad
72. I keep my cardstock in rainbow color order
73. and my youngest son keeps his crayons that way too :)
74. I like making to do lists
75. and checking things off of them
76. I haven't scrapbooked in 4 days
77. I have birdhouses all over my house
78. I love to garden
79. I like the name Scarlett for a girl, but nope, we aren't naming the baby that
80. I want to go fly fishing
81. and visit Vermont
82. I like to drive with the window down, and the a/c on
83. why oh why did I pick 100 things instead of 50?
84. yep, that last answer was cheating, and so is this one too
85. we're going to add a second story on our house this winter
86. I'm not looking forward to it
87. I don't like folding laundry
88. I like McDonald's french fries the best
89. we don't have a name picked for the baby yet
90. but I know her room in going to be pink & green
91. I want to own a horse again someday
92. and live in the country
93. I don't like Tuna at all
94. I had a chicken for a pet as a child. Her name was Pebbles
95. I still like watching re-runs of the Waltons
96. growing up, I wanted a big kitchen table like the Walton's had
97. I like Pomegranate Cranberry juice
98. my favorite vacation spot is Hawaii
99. my hubby makes me laugh everyday
100. pickles taste yucky

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