October 24, 2008


I've been printing pictures this afternoon so I can go scrapbook tomorrow at my LSS. It will be my last time to go to a crop for awhile (only 23 days to go until my due date!) so I'm going to try and get caught up on Tucker's school pictures.
As I was looking through all the photo files in my computer, I came across this picture from this past March of Tucker running down Grandma and Grandpa's dirt road. I love it. He's running along without a care in the world.

We will be heading up to Grandma and Grandpa's again on Monday for my Mother-in-Law's Dad's funeral. I'm hoping to take more pictures like this one.
Pretty soon he will have a little sister following him down the dirt road. I can't wait!
Have a great weekend!


kerry-lynn montgomery said...

wow what a beautiful picture. where do your inlaw's live? it doesn't look like LA that's for sure.
i hope you are feeling well. i check back everyday to see if there is an update on the new arrival.
i love the name gracie by the way!

christy p said...

Love the photo, Mary Ann.

I can't believe you have only a few weeks left until you get to meet your little girl. I am so excited for you!!!!!

Have a great, safe trip. Sorry it is for a funeral tho....