October 20, 2008

I scrapped tonight!

A quick layout I did tonight. I should have scanned it instead of taking a picture...the color is off. Oh well.
I'm going to add this journaling tomorrow when I'm not so tired, and my handwriting isn't so sloppy:

When Tucker came home from
School today, I showed him the
ultrasound from my dr.'s
visit this morning.
He looked at it and said
“look mommy, Gracie has a halo.”
I had looked at that same picture
at least 10 times throughout the day
and all I saw was the dark oval of amniotic
fluid surrounding her head.
He looked at it for 2 seconds and saw a
halo. If we all could only see the world
through the eyes of a child, what an amazing
place it would be!

1 comment:

kerry-lynn montgomery said...

what a sweet layout. i may have to copy it!