October 29, 2008


We got home late last night from Great-Grandpa Joe's funeral. It was a nice service, and a very enjoyable afternoon spending time with family and old friends.
After everyone had left, we spent some time walking around the farm. That was the hardest part, realizing it's the end of an era. There's a developer that has wanted the property for quite some time to build houses on, and since there really isn't anyone to live there now, it will probably be torn down in the near future. It's strange to think of this huge piece of land, that goes as far as the eye can see, full of houses someday.
We picked grapes, pomegranates and apples from the trees, sat on the old tractor one last time, told stories and just enjoyed being there as a family.
I took a ton of pictures and tried to capture some of the memories we all have of the 'ol farm.

**I went to the dr. today for a check-up. Gracie is doing fine, and growing quite well, that means I get to go back on Monday to check her size again. He's just making sure she doesn't get to that 9 lbs he is thinks she might be. Ugh!

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