November 6, 2008


Still no baby!
My due date is technically 10 days away still, but I sure was hoping she would be here early.
Clayton and Tucker were both home sick today...soooo not a good thing. I don't need to catch whatever they both have!
I got my haircut today, soooo much a good thing! I haven't had it high-lighted/colored/cut since February, because I didn't want any of the chemicals while I was pregnant, especially in the beginning. But I'm far enough along now that all is ok.
I didn't sleep hardly at all again last night...not a good thing, but while I was up, I scrapbooked, definitely a good thing. I got 5 layouts done. A not so good thing though, since I can't stand very long (which is how I like to scrapbook) I was sitting on the floor. It looks like a tornado went through my scrapbook room!! Ugh!! Now I have to put it all away. Ummm maybe tomorrow. Here is my first ultrasound pic...had to get that one finished for Gracie's album. (it's not really crooked, just me taking a crooked picture)
Clayton and I have an appointment tomorrow to have pictures taken. (assuming he is feeling better) I've always wanted to have pictures taken while I was pregnant, but just never did. Since this is the last baby, I figured I better do it, or I know I would always regret it. Nothing like waiting 'till the last minute. I'm hoping they are a good thing!
The bracelet I ordered for Gracie (see September 15 post) arrived. It is so cute!!
I ordered the one with white pearls, and now I think she might need one with pink pearls too. Remember my motto, a girl can never have too many bracelets!
One more good thing...I noticed tonight that I've had over 10,000 hits on my blog. WOW! I can't believe in just a year and a half that that many people dropped in to see what this crazy scrapbooker and her family are up to. Thanks for stopping by!

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