December 7, 2008

~Time Flies

Wow what a week it's been!
I'm not sure what has kept us so busy, but it seems like just yesterday was Thanksgiving. Boy how time flies.
In between all the busyness this week, I found a few minutes to come up with these layouts. Super simple, but I think the days of 1 hour layouts are gone for awhile :) When Miss Gracie calls, the scrapbookin' has to stop, so right now it's print the photos, grab some cute paper and be done with the layout.
I'm almost caught up on Tucker's school album though, so I can't complain!
Speaking of Tucker...
Yesterday was his 8th birthday.
He wanted to go to the LA Zoo, so we took him and a friend, and had a great time.
I can't believe my baby boy is 8.
Wasn't he just 3 weeks old like Gracie is right now??
Yep, time flies.

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