January 3, 2009


Today is day 3 of Project 365, and here is my photo of the day.

Yep, a bottle of Aleve.
This would be to help with the cold I ended up with while we were out of town.
I'm still taking my photos everyday though.
I actually ended up NOT getting the Project 365 kit due to the ordering fiasco on the Creating Keepsakes website. Not too happy about that, but was happy to come home to an email from a friend/customer at the store that ordered one for me because she was sure I wouldn't be able to get one since I would be using dial-up at my in-laws. Wasn't that sweet of her!! Thanks Tran, you totally made my day!!
So, I am doing project 365.
I know a lot of people missed out on the kit and are doing their own thing.
I just think it's cool that so many people are doing this, whether making their own, or with the kit.
...We had a great time up North though.
We spent a lot of time sitting by the fire.
Roasted hot dogs in the fire for lunch.

Spent time catching up on family history.
Played a fun game called "Buzz Word" for hours at a time.
Went for walks in the freezing cold.

Rang in the New Year.
Scrapbooked a tiny bit.
Fed the horses

and took tons of pictures.
I hope you enjoyed your 2008 coming to an end, and are looking forward to what 2009 has to bring.

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