March 17, 2009

I'm back...

Not that I went anywhere
Just haven't been blogging
I've just been enjoying being a Mom

The past few weeks...
*Austin got hired at Disneyland. He is so excited!
(He's a bit disappointed though because his 2 best friends didn't get hired)
*Andrew is still working at Disneyland, and thinks it will be fun to have his little bro working there too.
(He's not too thrilled that Austin will start out at almost $2.00 an hour more then when he was first hired)
*Tucker started tennis lessons.
(It's just once a week at the park, but he's loving it!)
*Clayton went through a 3 day training course for his work with the MSF. (Motorcycle Safety Foundation)
(He's 1 of 10 in the country that are now certified to teach the newest class, so he thinks it's pretty cool to have that added to his credentials)
*Gracie turned 4 months old
(She found her feet this week, and thinks it's so funny!)
*and I've just been enjoying watching it all happen :)

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