April 14, 2009


Oh my have we had a fun first few days of spring break!
We went to Sea World on Friday with Grandma & Grandpa and the little kids (big kids were both hard at work at Disneyland)

Sunday was a wonderful day celebrating Easter with the family.
We colored eggs...I love how bright these turned out!

Grandpa and Grandma have gone back home now, but we decided this morning to head back to San Diego again and spend a few days there at the Wild Animal Park and the Zoo.
I've got the camera charging, and am almost finished packing the suitcases.
Oh, and in the middle of all the fun, this little girl turned 5 months old, and has a tooth ready to come through at any second (that would be why the sad face)

Gotta get back to packing. You know how you have to take the whole house with you when you have a baby :)

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