May 28, 2009


We had a great time over the holiday weekend. I've just been so busy since we've been home, I haven't had time to even turn the computer on.
I always take my camera when we go up to my inlaws. I love the country feel, and especially love the sometimes unusual things I find to take pictures of.
Such as this:

Now, to a city girl like me, this was a rattlesnake. But to the rest of the family they all new it was just a Common King Snake.
And guess where the photo was taken??
On their driveway.
Then there was a stop at Cairns Corner, the local outdoor fruit stand. There's nothing like fresh fruits and veggies.
I took pictures this time though.

And found this:

We have stopped there many times, but I had never noticed the historic marker before.
I took this photo out the car window as we were driving along. Another cool view for a city girl:

I took this photo at the cheese farm. The kids like to see the chickens, roosters and goats they have there.
And then my favorite photo from the weekend is this:
I have been wanting to take a picture of Gracie sitting in her Great Grandma's (her namesake) chair since the day she was born. This was Great Grandma's favorite chair. She would sit out in the garden for hours at a time. The chair is quite old, and has been moved from house to house over time. There is even a family joke/legend that the chair moves around the yard, and that it's just Great Grandma watching over everyone. As I took Gracie over to sit her in the chair, Grandpa (my hubby's dad) swore that the chair was facing the opposite direction the day before.
I too like to think it's just Great Grandma watching over us.
I know she would be proud.


Anonymous said...

The photograph of your little girl in her great grandmas chair the cutest photograph I have ever seen. You make such beautiful work. I am inspired when I come here to your blog. I hope to start a blog but I am not good at scrapbooks or photographing yet.
Scrapbooking is starting to get get known here in my area of Sweden.

Ashley said...

How cute! That is so beautiful!!! You are blessed :)