June 30, 2009

{Home Again} photo heavy post!

I've just spent the last 40 minutes downloading all the photos I took on our vacation. All 1025 of them.
We had such an amazing time!
One of the best vacations I've had.
It was such a fun and relaxing time.
Oh the stories we have.
(Now if I didn't have 2 weeks worth of laundry to do, life would be perfect)
Here's a few of my faves...
Multnomah Falls
Mt. Shasta

Tucker at the Oregon Visitor's center.

One of our favorite places we found to eat. A cute little place out in the middle of nowhere.

Mount St. Helens - Seismic activity was recorded while we were there!! As we were taking this photo it started to hail.

My sweet little girl enjoying her first summer vacation

The "Lunar Orbiter Dessert" at the Space Needle

The Space Needle at night. We were eating dinner 500 feet above Seattle during sunset. It was beautiful!

Visiting the very first Starbucks...the one that started it all.
(that's my Dad-in-law behind me with the video camera. He is as crazy with the video camera as I am with my camera. We had to stop on the trip so he could buy more tapes!!)

This was worth it's weight in gold! It came in so handy helping us find our way around. I loved that I could put in "scrapbook", and it would lead me to the nearest scrapbook store! Ok, so we used it to find hotels and restaurants too :)

While we were shopping one day, I looked out the window to see this. I'm not sure who I scared more when I screamed, the deer or the store employees :)

There are covered bridges all throughout Oregon. I thought this one was beautiful. That is until we drove thru the bridge, and saw the grave on the side of the road. Hence the name Grave Creek. It was still pretty though!!

Clayton talking to his dad that was in their car behind us, via HAM radio. He was asking him if he saw the giraffe next to us. Ummmm ya, he saw the 12 foot tall animal! This was at the Animal Safari. Kind of like a drive thru zoo. The animals come right up to your car. So cool!

This was our last day together. We headed back down the coast to home, and my inlaws headed back home to Central CA. We were sad to say goodbye. We already have plans for our vacation with them next summer!

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June 16, 2009


We leave for here tomorrow (Seattle)

We'll also be visiting this
(Mount Saint Helens) along with all the other "touristy" things to do.

It's just us and the little kids, along with Grandpa and Grandma for a two week vacation to Oregon and Washington. Both big kids are staying home since they are both working at "The Happiest Place on Earth". (which by the way, tell me that the new Summer season has started, and that Dumbo now flies during the fireworks, not just Tinkerbell anymore!) Besides, someones gotta stay home to feed the dogs and finish all the painting (ha ha)
Oh, and I've got a new gig over here. Be sure to bookmark the site to your favorites :)
See ya in a few weeks!

June 15, 2009


Another day where I ask where did the weekend go?
Our family room is now painted.
I love how "Brown Teepee" looks on the walls.
New paint of course led to new baseboards. Then that of course led to new moulding to go around the doorways. After our 4th trip to Home Depot in one day, I almost felt like I should stay there while my wonderful hubby went home and installed whatever new "thing" we had found, and I would just keep shopping for the next one. Needless to say, all this home remodeling has really gotten in the way of my scrapbooking. I haven't pulled out my paper trimmer in well over a week.
And now this morning I've been looking here and have found these fun things:
I would love these on my laundry room doors.
And I love this sweet little lamp

Oh and these great mugs

All of this when I really should be packing.
We leave for vacation on Wednesday.
Seriously, wasn't it just Friday??

June 10, 2009

{Wednesday }

I spent most of the morning looking at paint colors.

I love the look of a freshly painted room,
but hate choosing the color.
It's so permanent.
It's not like a scrapbook page where you can tear it apart and start over if you don't like the finished product.
Paint is so final.
I'll probably be doing a layout this week about us painting our family room.
I'm hoping the journaling says something like "I like how the Brown Teepee paint looks on the walls." :)

June 6, 2009

{Crafty Saturday}

I went to the grocery store late this afternoon.
I love going to the grocery store.
OK, so maybe not the grocery store so much, but there's a Marshall's that's right next door. I always pop in there first for a quick peek.
Today I found this little gem.

An ugly 'ol wreath left over from Easter.
But I could see it had potential.
Especially since this was the price tag. Only $5.00

Even more so that it rang up at $2.00!
I took off the flowers that I didn't like, removed one of the birds nests to use by itself, and then painted and speckled the eggs so they didn't look like easter eggs. The whole project took less than 15 minutes.
(with the help of my blower to dry the paint quickly)
I now have a cute wreath for my front door, and a sweet little nest to sit on my table. I can't wait 'till next week to go to the grocery store again ;)

click on the pics to enlarge and see the before and after!

June 2, 2009

{Tuesday} Shabby Flower Tutorial

I've had so many emails the past few weeks asking how I make the Shabby Flowers I've used on my layouts, so I thought I would make a quick tutorial with photos so you could see just how easy they are.
Step 1 - Pick 3-5 different papers with coordinating colors. For a larger flower use more paper..for this I just used 3 papers from Adornit, all coordinating, but all from a different collection. This is a great way to use your scraps too!

Step 2 - Cut papers into small squares. For the example, the largest square is 4", middle square 3 1/2", and the smallest sqare I cut to 3".

Step 3 - On the back of each square, draw a circle. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, just a quick line to follow. (I like to draw the circle lightly in pencil so if I'm using a light colored paper, I won't have any lines showing on the finished flower)

Step 4 - Tear along the cirle. For my flower I tore the paper away from me so I would have the white edge showing on the finished flower. Do this for all 3 papers.

Step 5 - Crumple up each torn circle into a ball. I like to unfold it and crumple it up again a few times to really get the paper wrinkly. The more wrinkles in the paper, the shabbier it looks!

Step 6 - Unfold all your paper circles, and place a brad through all the layers.

Step 7 - To finish off the flower, add a rhinestone, button or both to the center of the flower using a glue dot.

After the flower is completely assembled, you can add ink, glitter or stickles etc. as a finishing touch. I also like to now "form" the flower so it has more of a flower shape to it instead of being flat.
There you have it, a quick and easy Shabby Flower!

papers - Adornit
glue dot

June 1, 2009


I'm home today trying to get in a little scrappping time.
It seems like all I've done the past few weeks is take pictures. Today is a day to get caught up doing something with them.
I'm putting together a little 8X8 book for Marissa (Austin's girlfriend) with pictures from her prom. I'm using mostly hot pink and black, and even though I only have 3 pages finished, I think it looks cute already! I'll see how far I get today.

Here's the first page:

8X8 album - CR Gibson (I love the design inside the cover!)
prom stickers - Karen Foster
flowers - Prima
paper - Anna Griffin