June 6, 2009

{Crafty Saturday}

I went to the grocery store late this afternoon.
I love going to the grocery store.
OK, so maybe not the grocery store so much, but there's a Marshall's that's right next door. I always pop in there first for a quick peek.
Today I found this little gem.

An ugly 'ol wreath left over from Easter.
But I could see it had potential.
Especially since this was the price tag. Only $5.00

Even more so that it rang up at $2.00!
I took off the flowers that I didn't like, removed one of the birds nests to use by itself, and then painted and speckled the eggs so they didn't look like easter eggs. The whole project took less than 15 minutes.
(with the help of my blower to dry the paint quickly)
I now have a cute wreath for my front door, and a sweet little nest to sit on my table. I can't wait 'till next week to go to the grocery store again ;)

click on the pics to enlarge and see the before and after!


Regan said...

These turned out so beautiful! I would have never thought to re-paint the eggs. I don't have a marshall store near me but I would sure go if I did.

Georgana said...

WOW!! Look at you! It turned out wonderful.