June 30, 2009

{Home Again} photo heavy post!

I've just spent the last 40 minutes downloading all the photos I took on our vacation. All 1025 of them.
We had such an amazing time!
One of the best vacations I've had.
It was such a fun and relaxing time.
Oh the stories we have.
(Now if I didn't have 2 weeks worth of laundry to do, life would be perfect)
Here's a few of my faves...
Multnomah Falls
Mt. Shasta

Tucker at the Oregon Visitor's center.

One of our favorite places we found to eat. A cute little place out in the middle of nowhere.

Mount St. Helens - Seismic activity was recorded while we were there!! As we were taking this photo it started to hail.

My sweet little girl enjoying her first summer vacation

The "Lunar Orbiter Dessert" at the Space Needle

The Space Needle at night. We were eating dinner 500 feet above Seattle during sunset. It was beautiful!

Visiting the very first Starbucks...the one that started it all.
(that's my Dad-in-law behind me with the video camera. He is as crazy with the video camera as I am with my camera. We had to stop on the trip so he could buy more tapes!!)

This was worth it's weight in gold! It came in so handy helping us find our way around. I loved that I could put in "scrapbook", and it would lead me to the nearest scrapbook store! Ok, so we used it to find hotels and restaurants too :)

While we were shopping one day, I looked out the window to see this. I'm not sure who I scared more when I screamed, the deer or the store employees :)

There are covered bridges all throughout Oregon. I thought this one was beautiful. That is until we drove thru the bridge, and saw the grave on the side of the road. Hence the name Grave Creek. It was still pretty though!!

Clayton talking to his dad that was in their car behind us, via HAM radio. He was asking him if he saw the giraffe next to us. Ummmm ya, he saw the 12 foot tall animal! This was at the Animal Safari. Kind of like a drive thru zoo. The animals come right up to your car. So cool!

This was our last day together. We headed back down the coast to home, and my inlaws headed back home to Central CA. We were sad to say goodbye. We already have plans for our vacation with them next summer!

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Guttermouth said...

Great pictures without exception! I really like the one of your son at the Oregon Visitor center... great capture of a childhood memory!

Look forward to reading more from you in the future!