June 2, 2009

{Tuesday} Shabby Flower Tutorial

I've had so many emails the past few weeks asking how I make the Shabby Flowers I've used on my layouts, so I thought I would make a quick tutorial with photos so you could see just how easy they are.
Step 1 - Pick 3-5 different papers with coordinating colors. For a larger flower use more paper..for this I just used 3 papers from Adornit, all coordinating, but all from a different collection. This is a great way to use your scraps too!

Step 2 - Cut papers into small squares. For the example, the largest square is 4", middle square 3 1/2", and the smallest sqare I cut to 3".

Step 3 - On the back of each square, draw a circle. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, just a quick line to follow. (I like to draw the circle lightly in pencil so if I'm using a light colored paper, I won't have any lines showing on the finished flower)

Step 4 - Tear along the cirle. For my flower I tore the paper away from me so I would have the white edge showing on the finished flower. Do this for all 3 papers.

Step 5 - Crumple up each torn circle into a ball. I like to unfold it and crumple it up again a few times to really get the paper wrinkly. The more wrinkles in the paper, the shabbier it looks!

Step 6 - Unfold all your paper circles, and place a brad through all the layers.

Step 7 - To finish off the flower, add a rhinestone, button or both to the center of the flower using a glue dot.

After the flower is completely assembled, you can add ink, glitter or stickles etc. as a finishing touch. I also like to now "form" the flower so it has more of a flower shape to it instead of being flat.
There you have it, a quick and easy Shabby Flower!

papers - Adornit
glue dot


Noreen said...

I have seen these in magazines and wasn't sure how to make them. Thank's

christy p said...

Thanks for the tutorial. SOOO cute!!!!