June 16, 2009


We leave for here tomorrow (Seattle)

We'll also be visiting this
(Mount Saint Helens) along with all the other "touristy" things to do.

It's just us and the little kids, along with Grandpa and Grandma for a two week vacation to Oregon and Washington. Both big kids are staying home since they are both working at "The Happiest Place on Earth". (which by the way, tell me that the new Summer season has started, and that Dumbo now flies during the fireworks, not just Tinkerbell anymore!) Besides, someones gotta stay home to feed the dogs and finish all the painting (ha ha)
Oh, and I've got a new gig over here. Be sure to bookmark the site to your favorites :)
See ya in a few weeks!


christy p said...

Ohh I love Seattle. I can hardly wait to see the scrap pages you complete with your photos!

Have a great trip!!!!

Brian K said...

Oh I love Seattle too! Hmm have a coffee in the original Starbucks! I was soo sad to see the Cerittos store is closing....

Have a great vacation and man what a cool new gig you have! Enjoy! I am bookmarking it!!!