August 17, 2009

{A Day at the Flea}

Went with some friends to the Flea Market this weekend.
Oh how I love the Flea!
I found a really fun picture of some crazy flowers, that I promptly removed the picture from, and is now going to become a chalkboard. The frame the picture was in will be perfect for it. I'll post pics as soon as my little project is finished.
Yvette found a cool 'ol cabinet to hang in her scrapbook room. She is going to store her rubber stamps in it.
We had such a fun time looking at the old and vintage wares. We all used to work together, and don't get to see each other very often, so it was fun to spend the day together. After a day of shopping we went to lunch, then to our new favorite place for dessert. They have the best cream puffs ever!


Tara Nuress said...

I love going to this Flea Market too. I will have to try the cream puff place too!

Ashley said...

Beard Papa is the best!!! I found a new Homegoods in Tustin. It has tons of neat stuff there. It's @ the District. TJ Max/Homegoods!!! I came home with too much stuff :) You guys should check it out.

Elyse said...

that looks like my kind of day -- especially when yummy treats are included!

love your blog's name! very fun. i bought a cute "rock-paper-scissors" print for my boys' room at (FYI)

thanks for stopping by my blog!


yvette said...

you had to post that picture of me!!!!