August 8, 2009


After hearing from so many of you that I needed to visit HomeGoods, I finally made a trip there last night.
Can I just tell you I loved it!
I found the prettiest green glass votive candle holder.
So pretty that I bought three : )
The best part...
here's what I paid for them.
I also found a really cute frame for a special photo. It's of me and my buds from the scrapbook store where I used to work. The store closed last week, so we all met up there to get one last photo of all of us together.
It's been 10 months since I worked there.
Some days it seems like last week,
some days it seems like an eternity ago.
Anyway, loved HomeGoods. If you've never been there, you gotta go check it out!


Timmary said...

I love Home Goods too!
WOW I love your scrapbook room too.
I only have a small table in a corner so I am so envious of you.

stefanie said...

thanks for visiting, there are about four more on the street that are nice also.

christy p said...

It is ABOUT TIME you found that store! hee hee!! It is one of my favorites.