September 24, 2009

{Vacation Album}

I finally started the scrapbook for our summer vacation. This is the cover page, and as you can see it says 895 photos taken. I'll probably use only half of those though : ) I love this pic I got of our car and Grandpa and Grandma's camper. Oh what a fun trip we had!

I plan on doing a layout about all of our favorite restaurants from the trip, so here's the one for Clayton's favorite. (and yes, the journaling strips really are straight, I just took the pic at a crazy angle) Now only 892 photos to go ; ) LOL

September 23, 2009


Gracie and I visited a new (to us) scrapbook store today while everyone else was at school. We had a great time at The Scrappin' Table,

and I found so many fun new things! I stocked up on Bazzill Kraft cardstock (my fave color at the moment) and came home and made 2 layouts to start our vacation to Oregon/Washington scrapbook. I forgot to take pics before it got dark, so I'll share the layouts tomorrow. Oh, and what's with it being 105* degrees today?? Didn't we just have the first day of Fall?? I think Mother Nature forgot to turn the page on her calendar :)

September 18, 2009

{Have Your Volume Up for This One!}

Besides the usual Mama, Dada and Bubba (brother) Gracie isn't really talking yet. She just turned 10 months this week, so I wasn't expecting an answer to my questions as I was playing with my phone after dinner tonight. (yes, I said phone, so excuse the crummy lighting and picture)
silly girl!

September 16, 2009

{10 Months}

At 10 months you...
are walking around the furniture, but haven't let go yet.
get sooo excited when we visit the "baby isle" (in the toy department) at what we now call the "baby store" (Target).
love cheerios.
don't really like a bow in your hair, but still wear one every day.
think peek-a-boo is funny.
have 8 teeth.
still like to be held until you fall asleep at night.

have a family that loves you so very much!

September 14, 2009


I scrapbooked with friends Saturday night.
None of us were very productive, I only got 4 layouts done. We sure had fun though!!!
Here's 1 of the layouts.

I know it still needs a little "something"
so I'll probably add to it today,
but I know I won't have as much fun as I did Saturday.
Thanks for a great time girls!

September 9, 2009


My Picture Of The Day today:
Taken in my car this moring at 9:09 on 9-9-9

For all of you still doing Project 365, remember you can take the same shot tonight at 9:09pm!

September 7, 2009

{Wishful Thinking}

I bought a new wreath for our front door today,
and hung it as soon as I got home.

I think it's a bit of wishful thinking though.
With temperatures in the 90's this past week,
it's not exactly weather for sipping hot chocolate and pumpkin carving.
Soon though, and I can't wait!
Happy Labor Day, and happy end of Summer!

September 1, 2009

{September Already}

We went to San Diego last week for an end of Summer mini vacation. Tucker had been wanting to go see Dino Mountain at the San Diego Wild Animal Park (which is really in Escondido), and of course the day we were there was when all the heat started and it was 102*. He had a great time though, and didn't even seem notice the heat. Thursday we were at Sea World and had so much fun. The cooler weather along the coast sure was nice too! Gracie really noticed the whales and dolphins this time, and I think Clayton and I were watching her more than we watched the shows :) I wanted to bring this sweet little guy home with usbut Clayton finally convinced me he was too big for the bathtub {grin}
We spent a day at Old Town doing some shopping and wandering through the old buildings.
I also got to do a little shopping at Paper Tales, one of my favorite scrapbook stores. I would be in so much trouble if it was closer to home LOL
I found so many fun new things! On our way home we were too late to stop for long, but I got to take some beautiful photos just as the sun was setting of the San Diego Temple.
Now it's September 1st, and I wish there were still a few more weeks left of Summer. It's back to school tomorrow for Tucker (and Clayton too since he works at Tucker's school) and I'm so not ready for them to go back. I love having everyone home! It was a great Summer though. Now I just have to get all the pictures scrapbooked!! :)