November 15, 2009

{Happy Birthday Gracie!}

My baby is one!
Wow, how fast this year has gone.
Here's some pics of her party yesterday.

(as you can see, I had fun using my Cricut to make the cute pink and green party decor!)
She loved her pinata from her Auntie Jessica & Uncle John!

And just because you never have another First Birthday, she had to have her very own M&M's!

She knew she wanted (ok, I knew she wanted) a cupcake party from the time she was 2 months old, so I've been collecting anything and everything cupcake for quite some time, and even I found the perfect dress, it had a cupcake with a 1 on it!

This was the invitation that I made. I just took our address and phone # off to post it here : )
We had such a great time, it was the perfect day!


Olivia said...

I found you from Joe's blog... Hello stranger. It boggles the mind how fast time went. Seriously, a year? She's beyond cute.

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

hi Olivia!!
I miss seeing you and Dominic!
Yes, this past year flew by.