November 23, 2009


I was trying to take a few pictures of the little kids this morning on our first day of Thanksgiving break, and the first time Gracie had piggie tails. But, there was a cat in the tree and that was clearly more exciting than me with my camera.

So doing what all good photographers do, I shooed the cat away.
Tucker thought it was funny.
Gracie, not so much.
So on our first day of Thanksgiving break, I have this picture.
I think she's still mad.
Off to enjoy the rest of our day ;)


Olivia said...

Oh my. I know you and the Mister are good looking, I have eyes, but it almost hurts how beautiful your kids are. Seriously gorgeous...

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

You're so sweet Olivia!!
Hey, we all need to get together and crop!!! We miss seeing you and Dominic!