December 16, 2009

{The Holidays Are Upon Us!}

Okay, does December go faster than the rest of the other 11 months or what?? There are only 8 days until Christmas Eve, and there's still so many more things I have left on my to-do list. I did get to check one very important item off the list today...
I was so worried what Gracie would do when she saw the guy in the big red suit. She wasn't afraid at all, in fact, she was so interested in him, she never would look at the camera or the group of us yelling and jumping up and down waving toys in the air to get her attention. She was completely awe struck. It was so sweet watching Santa talk to her, and then as he started telling her the story of "The Night Before Christmas" we all just watched as she listened to his every word. It turned out be the perfect Santa photo, and what I story I will have to tell her someday.
We had pictures taken of Tucker and Gracie together with Santa later this afternoon. She kind of reacted the same way, but I got a few good pics of them with him. Of course for some reason I can't access them off their website tonight, so those will have to wait until tomorrow to share.
Tonight we drove around looking a Christmas lights while sipping hot chocolate, so I can check that off the list.
I still have a few projects I need to finish, I still want to take the kids on a tour of the candy cane factory, and we still need to build our annual gingerbread house. Gotta get those done and checked off the list too!


Stacey said...

Your baby is sooo cute! The picture looks like it could be a store bought christmas card. She looks like a little doll sitting on santa's lap. She is darling.

Lisa said...

I finally found your blog again. I miss the old gang from the store and hear there might be a crop party coming in the new year?