December 5, 2009


My favorite photos from today!
My 3 boys and my little princess.

The Birthday Boy!

Tucker's cakes that he decorated. One for the "Dark Side" with Darth Vader and the bad guys, and one with the good guys. He had such a great day!


Gwendolyn said...

Your scrapbook room is amazing. I would love to see more pictures of it. Is your bookcase from Ikea? I can't wait to show my husband tonight.

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Thanks Gwendolyn!!
I really need to take some new pics of my scrapbook room, those were taken about 2 years ago and it has changed a bit.
The bookcase was custom built by my hubby. He made it, the island, cabinet etc. Everything except the desk really.
I love having my own space to create, although it seems like thats the room that everyone gathers in the evenings. lol
Thanks for the compliment!