January 15, 2010


I've been re-arranging things in my scrapbook studio this past week. Trying to make it more "user friendly" I guess you could say. I now have all my embellishments (except bling and flowers) organized by catagory such as Holiday, School, Boys, Girls, Travel etc. If I want to make a school layout for Tucker, everything "school" is all in one place. If it's a layout about Christmas, it's all in one place. Now to tackle all my patterned papers and do the same type of grouping by theme. While I've been working on things in the studio, I've been looking online to see what others have done for organization. Here's a few rooms I've found that look like they would be fun to play in.
Teresa Collins Room
Jenni Bowlin's Studio.
Jenni's is one of my faves!

I could move right into Margie Romney-Aslett's room..."M's" and all!
I'll be taking a break from all the organizing this weekend though, the Scrapbook Expo is in town, and the Flea Market is this weekend too!! I can't wait!!


Debbie said...

These 'designer' rooms are beautiful, but your scrapbook room looks wonderful too. Keep up the good scrapping - and keep taking those daily photos.

janis said...

i'd soo love to have those rooms too! LOL.