January 6, 2010


Well, the computer is not up and running yet : ( A few parts are on order so hopefully soon. At least I have Tucker's computer so I can still surf the web. I just don't have all my favorite scrapbooking blogs and websites bookmarked on his, and I can't upload all the fun layouts I've done the past few weeks. My hubby just keeps telling me soon honey soon. LOL

I'm doing Project 365 again, or Project Life as it is being called this year. I can't believe I actually took a photo everyday last year. I still have 2 weeks of pics to print for '09 (since no computer to print them on) but other than that, it is complete! I almost blew it New Years Eve though. We were reminiscing about 2009 with my inlaws, when all of a sudden at 11:57 I realized I hadn't taken a photo for the day yet. There I was, sparkling cider in hand, running like a crazed person to get my camera. That was the moment I really needed the photo taken of : ) I quickly handed my Mom-in-law the camera and she snapped a pic of Clayton and I just in time. Good times, good times!

Tucker started back to school this week. I loved having him home for 2 weeks. The big boys still have 2 more weeks off, but they are picking up all the extra hours they can at Disneyland so seeing them is rare right now.

Gracie has passed the walking stage and now runs everywhere. Her favorite thing to do is go outside, and will stand at the door and say "side" "side" side" until one of us takes her out to collect leaves, look for kitty's and point at the trees. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I makes me sad to think she is already past so much of the baby stage.

So there's a quick update.
I'll post pics and layouts as soon as I can!!
In the meantime, I'm scrapbooking like crazy and loving every minute of it!

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janis said...

hi mary ann!!! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, really meant a lot. enjoy scrapbooking! hope the computer's gonna be up and running soon.