March 4, 2010

{Thursday} Layouts and Q & A

Here's a few layouts I've finished this week.
First, one of Gracie with pictures I took of her in the rain this past weekend.
One of Tucker with a picture from Grandpa & Grandma's house.

And then one of Gracie and her Tia Lucha. I love the tiny little banner :)

Remember you can click on the photos to see them up close!!
And now answers to a few emails I've received recently.
1. I usually only spend about 30 minutes on a layout. (Unless I'm scrapbooking with friends, then sometimes it can take much talking and laughing I guess)

2. I can't say I have 1 favorite manufacturer. There are so many great companies out there right now, I have about 10 favorites. LOL

3. Yes I am still doing Project 365/Project Life. I usually print pictures 1 day a week and then do most of my journaling then. Also, for week goes from Monday through Sunday. I know some people started theirs with Sunday, but for me I always think of Monday as the first day of the week. (either would work though!)

4. Cardstock...I like Bazzill. I have used a few other brands, but Bazzill is my fave. I like the heavy weight, and the texture.

5. Yes I use Photoshop. I've been shooting in RAW for awhile now, so I usually do some editing. Once in awhile you get a great photo straight out of the camera, but most of the time I play with it a bit. CS4 is the version I currently use.

OK, Gracie is up from waking up from her nap. Gotta Run!
Hope you're having a great week!


Tisa said...

How do you find the time to scrapbook so much. The term SuperWoman comes to mind when I think of you.

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Thanks Tisa :) I don't know about Super Woman, but I do have a very supportive hubby that loves that I am preserving our family history and helps out a lot with things around the house.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Leanne said...

wow Mary Ann,, wow.. just visiting from the boxx.. must say love your work.. esp lovin the rain one.. where you cut the photo into a really great shape..looks awesome...