April 21, 2010


My Mom gave me these today.
Scrapbooks that she made back in the 60's with pictures and mementos from my childhood. The best part, this was the first time I had ever seen them. She had made them so long ago she had forgotten about them. Today while we were talking about pictures she remembered them. They are true Scrapbooks, with little scraps of things she saved, like tickets from my first plane trip in 1964 when I was 6 months old.Or this parking pass from my first trip to Disneyland. (notice the price) I especially love this since my 2 oldest sons work at Disneyland.
I had so much fun looking through them. There's not one piece of patterned paper in them. Or any stickers, chipboard letters or glitter. Just true scraps.
And I love them.

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