September 9, 2010

{Long Time No Blog}

Well school has been back in session for a week now, and I think we are finally back into our old routine. I sure am missing the lazy days of summer though!!
I've been progressing pretty well on removing the photos from Clayton's Grandma's photo albums. Some of the photos are stuck on the pages pretty good, so it is definitely a slow process, but I'm having such a good time looking at all the old pictures. I found a little time to scrapbook too...

I've also been busy helping my Mom go through things in her house. She is doing pretty good since my Dad died, but she wants to sell the house, so there are lots and lots of drawers and cupboards to go through. Mom never really was one to save mementos, but my Dad sure did, and I am so grateful for that! Here's 2 layouts I did last night with some of the things my Dad kept. Our old church directory from 1969.And, my Mom's Notary Public Certificate from 1967. Notice whose signature is on there as Governor of California, way before he ever became president of the United States. I'm going to take both of these layouts to show my Mom tomorrow...I'm hoping she will give them back ; )

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