October 20, 2010

{Random Wednesday}

*Enjoying the rain here in So. Cali except for yesterday at 5:15 while I was driving on the freeway.
*Spent the weekend at my inlaws. Love them!
*Scrapbooked a little
*Shopped at a NEW scrapbook store on Monday. Great Store!! It's called Memory Lane (same place as the old Scrapbook Depot for all you locals)
*Tucker was placed in the Gifted and Talented Education program at school, which I had to sign a permission slip for. I signed on the wrong line. Guess they wont be placing me in GATE ;)
*I have a roast in the crock-pot and it smells divine.
*We have Harry Potter and Cinderella costumes paitiently waiting.
*Went to Disneyland last week to see it decorated for Halloween. Love that the Haunted Mansion smells like gingerbread as you go past the dining room scene.
*October is half over already. WOW
*Have to take my Mom to the DMV tomorrow at 8am. So many other places I'd rather go visit.
*It's raining again, I love the sound of rain hitting the windows.